Audio translation Service

audio translation service

India 's Best Audio Translation Service.

The globalization of businesses, financial services, and marketplaces has made multilingual communication more important than ever. The result is that audio translation brings a new marketplace for business players. It is one of the highest growth areas in the language translation industry. It is quite tough to get a certified language expert for this kind of spontaneous job as if the translated audio has text errors, tone errors or localization errors your native client will instantly notice it and would point out the mistake immediately. Audio translation is required definite attention to dialects and specialized vocabulary.

audio translationDuring the audio translation process, the content details and language tone are essential for conveying the right message to the audience, the deficiency of the same will change the meaning of the entire message. We provide a very cost effective audio translation for healthcare, law, finance, and technology industry to participate in Govt. Tenders, trade fairs, for Client presentation, and delegates’ presentation etc.

At Foreign Language Guru, we do various levels of filtration as our translation script goes through multiple technical specifications. We work as a team with linguistic experts, script translators, proofreaders, voice recorders, dubbing experts and video editors etc. The quality of every translation project we work on is benchmarked against quality control procedures.

Audio Translation Languages

We offer effective audio translation in 30+ languages by native speakers and ensure high-quality translation services along with complete confidentiality to our clients. Businesses that work internationally or with clients that speak different languages can benefit from our audio translation services. It directly interrelates you and your business with the destination country.

Our audio translation includes conversion of high volumes of audios into different languages more cost-effectively than a studio-recorded voice-over. Audio translation can be used as training materials or as corporate videos to reach a wide multilingual audience and is increasingly popular for recorded conferences and events. You need to simply play the translated audio for your audience.

Translation formats

The language expert delivers the job in audio, text or visual format along with subtitles. It includes the following methods:-

Audio transcription translation or Audio to Text

when the source language is audio recorded, and the final delivery is a written document translation, transcribed from the audio recording.

Voice-over” or audio-to-audio,

where audio from one language is translated and recorded into audio in a different language. The recorded voice will be sent to the translator and upon hearing the message, the translator notes down the entire message and then record the translated version in the proposed target language. Many audio translations include video translation as well.

For commercial use, our audio translators can provide either direct audio translation (dubbing) to match lip movement or a localized version of the source language, synchronizing lip movements, emotion, and other sound effects if needed.

Benefits of Audio translation to a business:-

  • The needs for audio translation are varied and widespread depending upon the market and nature of the business

  • Some voice over translation is for e-learning materials, or an audiobook translation, language learning software, and software with audio instructions. Audio translation for e-learning website having instructional and tutorial content translated with a localized accent is to attract worldwide customers.

  • Most of the businesses put videos on their websites with information about their products or services. It is a great tool to market and sell products as the potential buyer will get the feel of the product or services. Audio translation will allow you to capture the worldwide market and to reach your target audience.

  • Companies who are able to emotionally connect with their clients can make more profitable and loyal customers. And if you are looking to connect with your customer on an emotional level, you need to communicate with your customers in their native language. Audio translation will help you to communicate and convey your message effectively to your customers in their language.

  • Digital marketing plays an important role in doing business online as it helps in an increasing number of visitors. How translation will help in this? Translation helps to make SEO (Search engine optimization) stronger. Effective communication is enhanced when users are able to read and even hear your website in their own language. In that sense translation of your website into many languages can attract a number of audiences which ultimately increase your website traffic and ranking.

  • Getting quality human audio translation for business meets or trade fair presentation is never been easier. Whether you need an audio translation for a business meeting or trade fair in China, Japan, Germany, Russia or any other nation where English is not the first language. We will provide you comprehensive audio translation services along with 99% accuracy. Record any kind of audio – speech, Presentation, dialogue, video – and send it to us. We will translate for you and send back to you in the desired format.