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Business Translation

Business translation is a translation of formal and informal documents of any company; they may include letters, information, emails or other legal documents etc. Business translation is a very challenging job as translators who work on business documents must be fluent in his language. He should able to understand the levels of translation work related to that business or industry. Each document has to be translated with a clear and distinctive content. Although a simple change in a sentence can make the document not retainable as with a wrong translation the meaning of entire document got change

Agriculture Translation

Agriculture is one of the major income generation sectors across world. India is one of the largest producers of crops. Being a topmost income producer industry, agriculture needs a tech-savvy translation services which are able to deliver the industry related content in desired language. We generally do translation for Soil and fertile industry, Irrigation and drainage and for pesticides, manures & compost related to developments in new age farming.

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Oil and Gas is one of the important sectors in the country; the industry serves the major requirement of energy consumption in India. Since oil and gas is a technical field, the translator needs to have hands-on experience of Basic process such as Gas processing, Mining of Gas and oil field, oil refining, exploration, drilling and building of pipelines, transportation and storage, Oil and Gas recovery. We have linguistic specialists who have knowledge of relevant terminology used for energy, Oil & Gas industry.

Legal translation

Legal translation is an official translation of documents and legal reports, email or articles. Translation of a legal document involves confidentiality of information. The translator must qualify in legal translation as it involves lots of legal terms and abbreviations. Our translators are from legal background to understand the seriousness of your documents or translation material.

Travel and Tourism

Travel and tourism is the biggest income generation business in the country including outsourcing operations. Translation plays an important role in terms of the communication within the travel industry. Spoken interpretation and document translation are highly in demand for tour and travel industry. The industry focused on linguistic communication with quality of the content. We have team of experienced translators who ensure you the quality of the work.

Banking, Finance and Information

Banking and Finance sector is an attention paying field. There is no scope of errors or miscommunication while dealing with finance related matters. We at foreign language guru understand the need of translation services for Finance sector. In an increasing global economy, it is essential to translate financial documents for international trade and commerce. With an expand network of Subject Matter experts, we are able to deliver accurate translation services for Banking and finance field.

Medical and Health care

Medical translation is one the most responsible jobs as poor or wrong access to medical information can result in danger to patient’s life. Hospitals, Healthcare & medical insurance companies require language translation services to cure international patients. Many international patients are coming to India for their treatment. They need translation of their medical documents to get an accurate treatment.


Private sector companies are in the race to gain success internationally. If you want to expand your business globally it’s time to realize the need of translation in order to expand your business roots globally. Most of the private companies invest their time and money in translation because in order to get success and growth in their business. TRANSLATIONS can really help you to take your business to new horizons. For the same we are here to help you


In the modern era of development even the translation services are needed in the public sector these days. Organizations put in lots of efforts to spread awareness regarding different issues globally. Through the authentic translations of your document can ensure that target masses have complete and equal excess to your services. And for the same we are here to help you.


Information and technology has expanded tremendously since the past decade, so as the need to translate the documents and various marketing material related to IT sector. In this DIGITAL ERA, IT is one of the most demanding industries for translation services. For the same we render translational services to the client assuring 100% clients satisfaction.


In today’s scenario manufacturing industry is a source of livelihood for many economies livelihood. Due to short product lifecycles and technological advances, a need is generated for the manufacturers to obtain error-free translations for various materials. Whether you require the translation for installation manuals or system specifications, our team renders authentic translations in a variety of Indian as well as foreign languages. Further, our team manages the translation assignment systematically for delivering it within the proposed time cycle.


You might agree with the fact that increasing interconnectivity has forced many of the business owners to introduce their services or products in the global market. With the increasing competition, customer has also reached to new horizons. One of the main reasons why companies have started to get their sales or promotional material translated into many foreign languages as per their requirement. If you have been planning to launch a global ad campaign or expand your business globally. Join hand with us today for the authentic translations as you cannot succeed without it.

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E-learning and Information

Due to increasing number of internet users, there is a demand of E-Learning courses. Most of the companies also go for E-learning for training and development of their staff members. The concept of E-learning and information is based on translation of target content. In absence of good translation, you could be losing an opportunity to learn and earn. Investing in translation services can enhance the visibility of your product or services, if you cater different languages and dialects. We provide excellent translation services for E-learning and information sector through expert translators.