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Translation Services

Website translation

Translation services of any websites are the way toward adjusting a current site. More than 1/3 of all web clients are non-local language speakers. As per our research, the user remains as long if the site is in their own language. Organizations hope to venture into new markets, contact a worldwide gathering of people and increment global deals.  The advantages of the site limitation are clear.

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We get when your engineers and advertising individuals have left off. We can translate the website and work with you. Basically, you will give us the source records and we will return decoded documents prepared. Foreign Language Guru certified translation services focus on quality control process:

  • Website localization analysis

  • Document Translation Service

  • Translation of website content

  • Localizing layout and site navigation

  • Adapting pictures to the Audience

  • Adapting colors to cultures

  • Localizing symbols

Content Translation

Foreign Language Guru content translation is very genuine and altered to satisfy the requirement of our customers. Our translator has more than 10 long periods of involvement in their particular specialization and in different languages like French translation service, Chinese translation service, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Hungarian, Russian, Japanese, Polish, Dutch, Norweigan, Turkish, Swedish, German Translation service. we convey quick turnovers and deliver the work at the deadlines. We lay most extreme emphasize on giving you content that is one of a kind. It is our consistent undertaking to build up long-haul joint efforts with every one of our customers and turn into a definitive answer for all their necessities.

  • Translation by the expert only: Outsourcing your substance composing requirement that will help you set aside a few minutes. This will enable you to focus on your business’ capacities and client satisfaction.
  • Understands what Google needs: An expert author who can comprehend the clarity of content and the content composing encourages to realize what Google needs in your content.
  • Obtain great quality Content: content translator or official translation will check the duplicity to your business gets the great quality duplicate of substance and your business will be helped with expanding deals without a moment’s delay.


Translation Services of Foreign language Guru is the chamber of the various languages.  we are expert in the translation and interpretation services.

Our main focus is the word to word document translation and spoken interpretation.  we are ensuring that we will provide our client with the best services. In terms of the interpretation work, we are expert in the legal, finance, medical, travel and tourism, and IT and technology. We are loyal and we provide the best quality control to our work. All the interpreters are well qualified, experienced and dedicated to their work. We interpret archives in excess of 100 dialect blends, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Arabic, Russian, Tajiki, Afghani and many more.

  • Foreign Language Guru translate all type of documents
  • Documents translation in all file formats
  • Website localization translation services
  • Documents translation in the language you need.

ISO Certified Translation Services

Having vast expertise in Indian and foreign languages. Our aim to deliver end to end quality translation services to our clients. In addition to we do quality check procedure for delivering error-free translations services.

Foreign language Guru translation Service Keen to maintain strong relations with our clients and deliver authentic and error-free translations within a given time frame. We are specialized in technical translation of documents with our certified translators. They keep themselves updated also on the latest development in the field of technology. This helps them to translate technical terminologies for correct translation.

Certified Localization Services

Localization means adaption of local culture (Language, trends, values etc) for a foreign language translation market. It involves changing words from one language to another. Regionality plays an important role in the translation process. It refers to not the only conversion of the source language, but also customization of the content as per the needs and requirements of the market. Nowadays the cultural barriers are being removed and the entire world is converting into a huge global village. In order to reach a target audience, one has to localize their services or material. Our team of professional translation services strives to provide customized services for a wide range of industries.

Interpretation services

Interpretation of foreign language is an essential element for international business as it eliminates the communication barrier between nations. Interpreters help in generating new business from international clients. We propose certified interpretation services for our clients at a nominal price.

Our ability to deliver professional services based on an absolute requirement of a client makes us outstanding. Our professional translator has expertise not only in the language but also in other specialized areas like legal medical corporate government, IT & Engineering etc; enabling them to provide business interpretation services for content which is technical. We serve a huge clientele from different countries and domains. If you have any plan for the global business, interpretation can be the perfect aid for you, as it facilitates oral or sign-language communication between multilingual users.

We can provide interpretation services to various domains, such as:

Certified Proofreading & Editing Services

My motto to offer highly accurate editing & proofreading services to our clients for various industries. Our ISO certified Translation services and proofreaders are well linguists with command and fluency in the source language.

We strongly recommend proofreading as part of the translation process to verify content, localized style, and clarity. We ensure consistency with your in-house style and terminology. The quality of every proofreading project we work on quality control procedures. This means we run spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting and completeness checks as standard.

Our experts edit and proofread the materials to make them correct in terms of quality, tone, vocabulary, context, style, terminology and localization. If you are targeting a multilingual audience and you find some text errors, tone errors or localization errors in the translated documents, in case, they are not reviewed properly after translation, the customers will instantly notice it and would not be attracted by your brand. We also proofread documents or material that is in your native language.

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