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Language translation agency, Document translation Services in delhi

FOREIGN LANGUAGE GURU  works on three simple premises – Language, culture and communication-which help the market (Indian and Foreign market) to explore the International Markets. We are the most appreciated service provider in this domain, be it translation, interpretation, localization or anything else which serves you communicate better across the international boundaries, is something we excel at.

We work with the native resources( human translator), who portray their talent in about 3000 different language pairs. One of the reason why around 30% of our clients belong to the fortune 500 list of companies as they rely on the quality that we have offered to them in the past, and are still continuing.

  •  ISO certified company
  • Experienced and native interpreters
  • 98% accuracy
  • 100% confidential and secure
  • 50+ languages (both Indian and foreign languages)
  • Translation within 2 days
  • 1000+ language pairs
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • Industry-specific translators
  • Have multilingual abilities
  • Timely delivery
  • 24×7 customer support
  • Experienced and native interpreters

Life Cycle of our QC Process

 Customized Solutions at One Click :

We offer you a complete package of translation services at a click. Whether, it is to translate document, certificate, degree or any other document, you can be assured that you will obtain quality translation services customized to your needs. So, whenever you need quality translation services, you can contact us.

A Step towards Entering the Global Market :

These days, a small firm can grow their business by reaching out to a wider clientele.  During this process, the company encounters multicultural clients who differ in their native languages. for  their live in hotel they need Translator for hotel. Best Translation services helps in eliminating the language and culture barriers and helps to promote an effective communication to exist in a global market.

Cost-Effective Services

At Foreign Language Guru, we aim at delivering affordable and cost-effective translations. You get quick and quality solutions for translation along with localization and interpretation under same roof and you get all of them at very reasonable rates.

We ensure that the service provided by our team is hassle free which helps us in acquire your confidence within our services. Our association will gradually turn into a long term work bond. Get in touch with us today and experience consistent and flawless translation service.


Speed & Accuracy

Translation is not an easy task at all; it requires a lot of time and effort to ensure quality outcome. Professional translation services experts can make this immense task an easy affair. We are the best language translation agency, document translation Services in delhi. We can help you to achieve the desired results in terms of translation in the following ways:-

 Translation by Native Speaker

At Foreign Language Guru, language translation agency, document translation Services in delhi delivered translation services done by a native expert. In addition, we work with various language Combinations such as Indian to Indian, Indian to foreign,  foreign to Indian.

Consistency of vocabulary can be seen with native translation experts.

Native Translator can work over a large number of translation assignments and that too with utmost precision and accuracy.

High Speed and Accuracy

  • The speed and accuracy of a native translator is enhanced than a non-native translator. The native translator is versed with the cultural implications and nuances of the source plus the target language.
  • Almost 2000 words are translated by a translator every day and we have 500+ native experts on board with us
  • On client’s demand for faster delivery, we divide the assignment among differently specialized translators
  • We follow a well-maintained and organized workflow to manage our tasks.
  • Our team is highly dedicated towards the time frame
  • Our team can easily handle the pressure of tight deadlines, even for complex translation projects
  • We follow a smooth-running translation flow that helps us meet the tightest deadlines

Our Translators

  • We are language translation agency, document translation Services in Delhi. Established from last 14 years, we have a team of 500+ certified multilingual language experts who are translating, localize and proofreading the content for our various clients all over the world. A team is a major pillar on which the success of a company stays and flourishes. With such parameters, our management has chosen some of the top experts from all around the world, thereby making us as the most diverse translation company in terms of workforce.
    • Significant years of experience in Translation
    • Multiple industry expertise
    • Professional certified Translators
    • Masters or P.H.D level of qualification
    • Practical working experience of working in technical, legal, medical and other fields that require use of specific terminologies
    • Tremendous expertise in two or more languages
    • The potential to work in alignment with tight time deadlines

    It is the effort of our translation experts; we are able to manage small and large translation projects. They make sure that each project is translated and delivered within the given timeline. Our team is always ready to take translation assignments and deliver error-free translations in your desired language.